Digital Marketing for E-commerce

Digital Marketing for E-commerce

Selling online is competitive. Customers are inundated with choice. It’s your job, the online retailer to stand out and help them make that choice.

The best way to do this is to partner with a digital agency that showcases your products to customers in a way that increases sales. Our mission is to increase your e-commerce revenue. We accomplish this by analyzing your sales funnel so that your customers convert at each stage of the sales funnel: from awareness, consideration, the purchase, and beyond. Each stage in this funnel requires a tailored strategy and tools.

Our tactics and strategy may change according to your business, industry, or target audience. We do this to ensure maximum exposure. While our tactics are tailored, we rely on a foundation of proven mechanisms. Here are some of that we recommend to our e-commerce clients who want to win online sales.

Digital Display Advertising

Brand recognition is a crucial element of converting. As a result, our agency focuses on brand awareness, allowing you to generate sales. Digital Display Advertising builds that awareness by displaying relevant ads to your audience. As a digital eCommerce agency, we maximize our network, use creative placements and low CPC to promote your brand around the web.


    Showcase your brand and products and increase traffic with targeted display ads on networks and sites relevant to your business. Our team creates engaging content, help you boost your web traffic with persuasive copy for your display ads.


    Build loyalty by enticing leads back to your site with text or display ads relevant to a user’s search history.


    Captivate your target audience’s attention and increase brand awareness with memorable video ads and YouTube video ads.

Google Shopping Ads

Customers are searching on Google to find products that interest them. Google shopping ads showcase your product inventory to these customers within their search tab; displaying your store name, product image, product description, and price. Customers who click on these ads are high-intent and are more likely to convert.

Remarketing Across Platforms

Online, people commonly browse but don’t buy. They may add items to their cart but fail to checkout. However, even the act of browsing shows intent to purchase, something you can leverage. Remarketing (or retargeting) on social media or search engines allows you to leverage that existing relationship by targeting consumers’ specific desires and prompting them to act.

Paid Search Advertising

Paid search ads or SEM displays text ads to customers based on their search results. Our paid media agency has comprehensive expertise in finding keywords that resonate with your audience and motivates them to click. Our process includes optimizing your text ads and creating engaging copy that wins sales.

Amazon Ads

Amazon is not a competitor. Instead, it’s an excellent resource for e-commerce businesses to build brand awareness on a website where users go to buy products. Essentially, Amazon facilitates some of the highest intent ad opportunities through Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brand Ads which your business can leverage for consistent sales.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO enables you to build a relationship with your customers while increasing your competitiveness. The practice increases user experience on your website and, as a result, establishes trust. Our SEO experts will manage technical website optimization and content creation, ultimately increasing your online authority.