With the pandemic, shopping online has soared!

With the pandemic, shopping online has soared!

We have all witnessed how the pandemic completely accelerated the rate at which e-commerce has grown.

The combination of lockdowns and quarantines have caused consumers to turn to e-commerce at a record-breaking rate, leading to e-commerce surpassing five-year projections.

The shift away from physical stores to online shopping means brands and businesses that pivot to digital will have the best short and long-term gains.

To diversify to e-commerce – and ensure success – strategic planning is necessary, and the jump isn’t as simple as choosing an e-commerce platform and uploading your inventory. The process requires a bit more know-how, especially considering how competitive the market has become.

While e-commerce sales have nearly doubled in the past year, the number of digital stores has skyrocketed alongside it, requiring savvy businesses to partner with e-commerce specialists to ensure they have a competitive edge.

While e-commerce is alluring, have you ever wondered how consumers determine who to purchase from online and how to ensure their decision-making process leads them to you?

The short answer is convenience. As more people shop online, convenience extends beyond having a web address. The checkout process, search, product recommendations, notifications, or alerts all need to be user-oriented.

While the drag and drop features of several e-commerce providers intend to make it easy for businesses to launch, these features are limited in nature, as a result limiting your customization and – ultimately – profitability.

If you want your business to be profitable when using e-commerce, you should seek the services of experienced ecommerce developers. Just like retailers bring in designers to create the best layout for their stores, as e-commerce specialists, we ensure your online store is selling more. Our experience extends all the most popular e-commerce platforms – including Magento and Shopify. Throughout the years, our precise approach to developing and relaunching e-commerce stores ensures our clients start making sales from the minute their store goes live.

If you are in the process of future-proofing your business, it is best to invest from the onset. As a business, you know what makes your products and services unique; as e-commerce specialists, we ensure your online store relays that message to customers. Now is the time to multiply your profits while establishing your business as a prominent competitor. It’s time to take decisive action by contacting our team to design – or redesign – your online store.

You can reach out to us or schedule a call, so we can create a custom plan to develop an online store that drives traffic and increases sales.