3 Practical Ways to Boost Conversions From Your Product Page

3 Practical Ways to Boost Conversions From Your Product Page

Your product page is an extremely important part of the sales funnel-it’s where the majority of your clients make the decision to purchase or to leave the store. Creating a persuasive product page is the first step to a successful store! It tells your potential client why your product is valuable, the need it fulfills, and why they should go ahead and make the purchase. 

The best way to achieve higher conversions is to be purposeful with each product page and use available data from your store’s analytics to find out what works. 

We’ve analyzed the best converting stores to put together these three guaranteed methods that will boost the conversion rate of your online store.

1. Use In-Context Gallery Photographs

You’ve heard it said, a picture is worth a thousand words. In eCommerce, that’s certainly the case. Visitors don’t mind browsing through your image gallery, but they will mind reading through 1,000 words of copy. Your gallery should include images that show the product in use and close-up shots of any unique features. If the size of the product is important, include dimensions on the photograph to increase buyer satisfaction.




2. Use Bullet Point Descriptions

An image gallery is influential, but your description can seal the deal. Since most buyers will give your description a quick look, don’t make it lengthy. A quick, punchy description is ideal. Place the information that your buyer needs to decide in bullet points. Then, follow each point with a short description to elaborate.



3. Use FOMO-Inspired Call To Action

The final piece of a high-converting product page is the call to action. Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons have their place. But, if you want to encourage buyers to take action, use a CTA that creates an emotional response. Some examples can include “limited quantity – buy now” or “pre-order.” These options signify scarcity which is why they’re great at making buyers take action.



These practical ways to boost conversions take advantage of how people make purchasing decisions online. Their simplicity focuses on the customer journey, eliminating decision fatigue.  It turns casual browsers into buyers and  has enabled other online-only brands to succeed in this digital space.