Is Magento The Right eCommerce Platform?

Is Magento The Right eCommerce Platform?

Selling online is more than setting up a storefront, uploading your products, and calling it a day. To build a competitive e-commerce business, you need to get the fundamentals right. Doing this ensures you retain customers and have an advantageous conversion rate. Part of those fundamentals includes choosing a suitable e-commerce platform.

What Is Magento?

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform coded using PHP. In a nutshell, it provides the framework from which you can build a responsive and coordinated website.

Why Choose Magento?

When you think of eCommerce, what is the first thing you think of? The short answer is selling online.

But consumers – who are the backbone of eCommerce – don’t think of eCommerce, they think of convenience, choice, selection, maybe even quarantine. (I cannot confirm that last one). If you are looking at eCommerce from the consumer’s perspective – which you should – function and form will become the backbone of your eCommerce strategy.

But what do consumers have to do with Magento? Magento allows you to customize not only the site, but the entire customer experience. It makes consumers feel connected to your product.

Magento gives you:

  • Greater control of the finer points of your website.
  • Endless personalization options.
  • Customer segmentation, enabling you to tailor the customer experience.

You get to go as far and as deep into customizing as you choose. And with the right Magento experts, you can experience the same level of success as many of the current websites using Magento – which include Aldo, Canon, HP, and Ford – have.

Why it’s Important for Your Website to Tell a Story

People love to invest in a story. In the digital age, the stories we choose to invest in go beyond the books we read or the content we consume; they become a defining characteristic of how we shop. Essentially consumers will decide to buy from a company that’s telling a story they love.

This shift in purchasing habits means that you need to draw consumers in with the imagery, customer journey, and wireframe of your website. You need to use the audience data you’ve gathered to improve your website’s performance and message. Because all of these elements will enhance customer retention and supercharge conversion rates. Thankfully, because of Magento’s customization and segmentation options, you can tell better stories with the primary content your customers will consume – your website.

The Verdict

If you want greater control over more than simply the appearance of your eCommerce website, Magento should be your preferred eCommerce platform.

As eCommerce experts, we transform our clients’ vision into tangible outcomes using Magento. Contact us to see the difference using Magento can have in your business.