For over a decade, GoldWatchCo has been a trusted and safe online source of high-end luxury watches including well known brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and other high-end timepieces. The Miami based company has built a vast network of suppliers, clientele, and wholesalers, giving them the opportunity to provide their customers unique savings and the convenience of securely buying high-end luxury Rolex watches online. 


Our team redesigned GoldWatchCo’s ecommerce website with the intention of creating a sleek modern feel, that displays the level of luxury of the watches they offer, while instilling confidence that customers can purchase online securely. The website was integrated and customized using the market-leading Magento ecommerce platform to meet GoldWatchCo’s exact specific goals and requirements. The site features real time online transaction processing, fraud detection technology, as well as several elements to optimize its speed and to offer customers a perfect shopping experience. Finally, to guarantee GoldWatchCo’s eCommerce store would get the best results, our team worked with GoldWatchCo on a digital marketing campaign to spread the message about their great online store.


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