Decarie Square is a full-service shopping center conveniently located on Decarie Boulevard. Decarie Square hosts a variety of different stores, restaurants, medical centers, health & fitness centers, and offices, including the Elna Medical Center, Winners, the Avanti Spa, & much more.


Decarie Square needed to refresh their old & outdated website. They wanted all their tenants to be listed in an organized and accessible way to give any visitors a quick and easy browsing experience. Our team completely rebranded and refreshed their image. We designed a new logo that has a square shape to reflect the “square” of Decarie Square but also has a design that gives the impression of movement to reflect the life and action of the shopping center. We redesigned Decarie Square’s website and gave it a fresh and modern look. We designed a directory with different categories and a search feature to make it easy to find any tenant in Decarie Square. The website was custom designed on WordPress to give Decarie Square the option to update their website with any new promotions, tenants, or information. There are custom sections in the WordPress design to make it easy for Decarie Square to easily update the directory.


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